Rapid Response

Rapid Response Premiums Waived

At this time we will be waiving the premiums for Rapid Response orders. With the spread of Covid-19, we understand many businesses are feeling the impact. As new restrictions begin to take effect, we know that emergency situations will arise. At this time, we are able to continue production and will be here to assist. We understand that many projects may be put on hold and others might become more critical.  

We will be offering 3, 5, and 7-day rapid response options at no additional cost until April 7th. Availability will be on a case by case basis, and we ask that requests are limited to critical situations. These are uncertain times and we plan to do our part to assist our customers in any way we can. We will continue to review the situation and plan to make necessary adjustments to any restrictions put in place. So, we ask for your understanding as we work through these unique circumstances together. 

Corrosion Protection

Specialty Coils is proud to be a certified applicator of INFINIGUARD anti-corrosive coating

Anti-corrosive coil coatings have been a hot topic in our industry for a while now but over the past few years the buzz has become even greater. After spending thee days at this years AHR Expo it became even more evident. Whether it was prospective customers asking if we offer coating or the number of different coating products represented at the show, you noticed it’s importance.

That is why we are a very proud applicator of INFINIGUARD! The most thoroughly 3rd-party tested anti-corrosive coating on the market! 

INFINIGUARD is a siloxane-based, anti-corrosive surface treatment, designed to bond on the molecular level with metal substrates. Coated surfaces exhibit oxidation and corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and UV resistance. The coating is inorganic or antimicrobial, meaning it does not permit microbial growth. The hydrophobic finish is virtually impervious to moisture making the coated surface shed water and ice. 

Many coatings on the market produce a thick film that has negative effects on the performance and heat transfer of the coil. INFINIGUARD has a dry film thickness of only 0.5 mils, and actually increases the performance and heat transfer of the coil. This will improve the efficiency of the HVAC unit and reduce energy costs. 

INFINIGUARD coating is offered on all of our coils. We are a certified applicator and do all the coating in our production facility. This eliminates the pains that come along with many of the other coatings. No more sending the coils off to a third-party, extra shipping costs, potential damage from extra handling, and most importantly.. No increase in lead time! 

For more information visit our Protective Coating page.

Coronavirus Creating Supply Chain Concerns

As the spread of coronavirus continues many businesses are beginning to feel the impact. Global supply chains have been deeply affected and are predicted to worsen in the coming weeks. Reports on how the pandemic is affecting manufacturing and supply around the world are increasing every day.

The HVAC and refrigeration industries are beginning to feel the early effects of the virus as many manufacturers and distributors rely on parts from overseas. The companies that are most vulnerable are ones relying on parts and materials from China. Many companies are reporting delayed or canceled shipments of parts affecting their ability to produce finished products. And, the trickle down effect is being felt industry wide.

Luckily Specialty Coils’ supply chain has not yet seen the negative effects of the coronavirus. All of our materials are sourced from American mills and suppliers giving us the ability to keep production moving as scheduled. We know many companies will feel the impact of the virus and will be looking for solutions to supply concerns. With raw materials stocked in-house we are able to keep production going and meet increased demand.

We understand the severity of this situation and continue to monitor the news and reports as the come out. While we plan to continue operations, we will be taking every precaution necessary and continue to monitor our facility and staff. We know these are unusual circumstances and we hope that everyone takes the proper precautions and remains safe.

We Love Customer Feedback

Here at Specialty Coils, we have a lot of loyal customers that trust us with their replacement coils. We know that when an HVAC unit goes down because of a leaking or damaged coil, you need your replacement coil ASAP. We are dedicated to being the best coil manufacturer in the business.

We recently assisted one of our Colorado customers with an urgent situation, who wrote:

“Specialty Coils really helped us out of a jam with one of our customers. As a commercial HVAC coil provider, we needed to find a replacement coil fast. Carrier gave us a 6-week lead time on a replacement condenser coil which was way too long. Specialty Coils was able to build the exact same condenser coil in one week for a better price. I also had the option of using higher quality materials and having it coated to extend the life of the coil for our customer.“

We want to hear from you. What are your experiences with Specialty Coils? Help us be your number one coil supplier.

New Year.. New Projects

Back to work for the first week of the new year we came across a job that we don’t see every day but is fairly common nonetheless. One of our team members was called out to take a look at a couple of evaporator coils that were cooling three separate wine cellars. Three cellars that were chilling hundreds of thousands of dollars of wine!

The units used to chill the cellars were not all that old but the coils were beginning to fail due to the high level of stress they are put through. See, these coils don’t have a 9-5 job, they are working 24/7 – 365 to make sure the cellars stay at a constant temperature.

IMG_3291 (3) (640x480)

The long work hours combined with the harsh environment lead these coils to deteriorate much faster than your typical application.

We were able to provide the customer with a quick quote that will save them thousands over replacing the entire unit.

Coil Measuring Basics

Here is a short guide on the basics of measuring a coil for replacement.


This is broken down in to four simple stages: Tubes, Fins, Casing, and Connection.


  • The first step is to determine the outside diameter of the tubes i.e. 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″.
    • This can be done by using a caliper or a tape measure.
  • Next we need to determine how many rows deep the coil is.
    • This is determined by counting the number of rows of tubes through the depth of the coil.
    • The example below would be three rows deep.



  • To determine the face area of the coil we need to measure the height and length of the fin pack. This measurement should be taken on the inside of the casing flanges.
  • Next we need to measure the number of fins per inch. This can be done by laying a tape measure horizontally against the face of the fins and counting the number of fins within one inch.



  • Measure the height, length, and depth of all casing.
    • Make sure to measure the top/bottom and side flanges.







  • The next step is to measure the outside diameter of any headers and connections and their locations.
    • Measure the top connection from the top of the coil to the tube center of the connection tube.
    • Measure the bottom connection from the bottom of the coil to the tube center of the connection tube.


  • Finally we want to measure how far the headers and connections extend out from the face of the coil.


connection 1

We hope this short guide to coil measuring basics helps with your next coil measurement. We recommend using one of our blank coil drawings to keep track of all of your measurements. They can be found on each of our coil pages. If you have any questions or would like additional help please call one of our team members at 866-320-9050.


Temperatures are dropping, are you prepared?

With the weather changing and temperatures across the country plummeting, your coils are at risk! When the temperature drops below freezing your coils are at a higher risk of freezing and eventually bursting. Freezing water in the capillary tubes will expand causing the tubes to rupture. Once this occurs your coil is no good and needs to be replaced.