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Steam Coils that Meet Your Unique Needs

HVAC systems are complex, whether they are already installed and need to be serviced and repaired, or whether a new building needs a system to address its anticipated heating and cooling demands. In many cases, the heat for such systems comes from the pumping of steam into a main heating complex, which warms and pumps the heated air into the building. Steam coils transport this steam so that it flows continuously past the air it is to warm. The manufacture of such specialized coils requires much experience and expertise.

Coil design depends on the needs of the heating system and the temperature of the incoming air. Standard steam coils are used where the air temperature is at least 55 degrees. If the air temperature is lower, a so-called “no freeze system” can be created. Such a system uses a tube within a tube. The steam flows through the inner tube and condensate flows out of holes in the outer tube. Remaining condensate is collected and removed. This kind of system can actually freeze under the right conditions, but the risk is much lower than that of a standard system.

Specialty Coils designs all of the above types of steam coils to address your replacement and new construction needs. You can receive a design that is customized to the pressure needs of your HVAC system. Often, we work directly with mechanical engineers and architects of our clients so that the finished system works properly.

In addition, if your current heating system is malfunctioning due to a coil problem, we will build an exact match to your current configuration so that it meets your design and performance standards. Just as important, we can ship your replacement in as little as two days. Because we build and ship without using middlemen, our customers find that our pricing is lower than that of competitors.

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