Coil Design

More Than A Manufacturer

Specialty coils is more than a coil manufacturer, we boast a coil design and engineering team with decades of experience. Our coil design and engineering team works closely with each customer to provide assistance in selecting the right coil for the job.

The team understands there are many factors to consider when designing a new coil. Using our coil selection program we are able to take the various parameters for each application and select the coil that will meet the specific performance requirements. This also gives us the ability to provide data to show realistic performance and function.

With the use of SolidWorks we provide 3-D coil drawings to show all design and dimensional data. This allows the customer see exactly how the coil will look to ensure the perfect fit.


On-Site Measuring

Specialty Coils offers on-site measuring assistance. If you are having trouble with a coil replacement, a knowledgeable Specialty Coils representative can assist.

Examples of Custom Design Products

• Classic Auto AC
• Food and Beverage display Casing
• Retrofit HVAC Coil Replacement
• Marine Air Conditioning and Heating
• DX to Water Coil