Evaporator Coils

 Evap Group Size 820W

The Evaporator Coil handles the cooling/heating and dehumidification process of the air-stream. Specialty Coils provides custom designed evaporator coils for new build applications as well as exact fit replacement evaporator coils for all major OEM’s.  Evaporator coils are offered in 3/8”, 1/2”, and 5/8” tube sizes with multiple fin and circuiting variations available. Each evaporator coil is manufactured to exacting industry standards and are specifically designed for the refrigerant required.  Multiple sizes of distributors and TXV’s are stocked in-house to facilitate the specific design requirement of each evaporator coil.

INFINIGUARD anti-corrosive coil coating can be applied to the evaporator coil to increase the life of the coil. INFINIGUARD is an inorganic coating, meaning it does not permit microbial growth, so mold or mildew will not form.


•  Evaporator Coils – 1 to 12 rows

Tube Patterns
• 3/8″ tube coils, 1” x .866”
• 1/2″ tube coils, 1.25” x 1.08”
• 5/8″ tube coils, 1.5” x 1.299”

FPI – Fins Per Inch
• 3/8” OD tube coils – 6 to 20 fins per inch
• 1/2″ OD tube coils – 6 to 16 fins per inch
• 5/8” OD tube coils – 4 to 14 fins per inch
• All fins are die formed aluminum or copper with collared tube holes
• Fin Options: .0045”, .0075” and .010” aluminum and .005” or .010” copper

Performance – Calculations are based on tests run in accordance with ARI 410. UL Certification.

Connections – Multiple connection sizes and materials are available in Sweat, MPT, and FPT. A variety of distributors and TXV sizes are available to meet specific performance requirements.


Coil Design Download Coil Drawing