Coronavirus Creating Supply Chain Concerns

As the spread of coronavirus continues many businesses are beginning to feel the impact. Global supply chains have been deeply affected and are predicted to worsen in the coming weeks. Reports on how the pandemic is affecting manufacturing and supply around the world are increasing every day.

The HVAC and refrigeration industries are beginning to feel the early effects of the virus as many manufacturers and distributors rely on parts from overseas. The companies that are most vulnerable are ones relying on parts and materials from China. Many companies are reporting delayed or canceled shipments of parts affecting their ability to produce finished products. And, the trickle down effect is being felt industry wide.

Luckily Specialty Coils’ supply chain has not yet seen the negative effects of the coronavirus. All of our materials are sourced from American mills and suppliers giving us the ability to keep production moving as scheduled. We know many companies will feel the impact of the virus and will be looking for solutions to supply concerns. With raw materials stocked in-house we are able to keep production going and meet increased demand.

We understand the severity of this situation and continue to monitor the news and reports as the come out. While we plan to continue operations, we will be taking every precaution necessary and continue to monitor our facility and staff. We know these are unusual circumstances and we hope that everyone takes the proper precautions and remains safe.