Corrosion Protection

Specialty Coils is proud to be a certified applicator of INFINIGUARD anti-corrosive coating

Anti-corrosive coil coatings have been a hot topic in our industry for a while now but over the past few years the buzz has become even greater. After spending thee days at this years AHR Expo it became even more evident. Whether it was prospective customers asking if we offer coating or the number of different coating products represented at the show, you noticed it’s importance.

That is why we are a very proud applicator of INFINIGUARD! The most thoroughly 3rd-party tested anti-corrosive coating on the market! 

INFINIGUARD is a siloxane-based, anti-corrosive surface treatment, designed to bond on the molecular level with metal substrates. Coated surfaces exhibit oxidation and corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and UV resistance. The coating is inorganic or antimicrobial, meaning it does not permit microbial growth. The hydrophobic finish is virtually impervious to moisture making the coated surface shed water and ice. 

Many coatings on the market produce a thick film that has negative effects on the performance and heat transfer of the coil. INFINIGUARD has a dry film thickness of only 0.5 mils, and actually increases the performance and heat transfer of the coil. This will improve the efficiency of the HVAC unit and reduce energy costs. 

INFINIGUARD coating is offered on all of our coils. We are a certified applicator and do all the coating in our production facility. This eliminates the pains that come along with many of the other coatings. No more sending the coils off to a third-party, extra shipping costs, potential damage from extra handling, and most importantly.. No increase in lead time! 

For more information visit our Protective Coating page.